When I began this blog nearly two years ago, it was with the intention of spreading kindness and sharing good news stories.  That has changed a bit, but I still like to share things I read about or see – I have been using my “Random Kindness Tour” button on my site, where I share videos or stories I find on the internet.  I have added a lot of them there.  Once in awhile though, something is shared with me that I want others to see and spread as well.

Today, a friend from college shared this link.  She has an autistic daughter and she is her biggest advocate.  I have learned so much about autism from her.  My nephew is “on the autism spectrum” as well.  This “What Would You Do?” story sheds some light onto the daily struggles families dealing with autism go through on a daily basis.

October Rose

roses thorns

It is chilly today!  I actually wore my winter coat and a hat to Drew’s soccer game this afternoon!  After just wearing a sweater up until yesterday it was quite a shock to wake up to this morning.  The sun is shining but the wind is blowing and the temperatures haven’t gotten out of the 50’s.  The heat won’t go on in our house for awhile!  We try to go as long as possible without turning it on, even if it means wearing a scarf and hat in the house.  Dave isn’t stingy about anything EXCEPT that.  I sleep in a hat throughout most of the winter because even when the heat is turned on, it doesn’t get turned up much more than 62 degrees!  Nighttime is lower.  We use oil heat and it gets pretty expensive.

I was dressed in enough layers to stay warm at the game and the sitting in the sun made it bearable.  I am a wimp when it comes to winter weather.  I despise it.  I wrote about it all throughout the past miserable winter we went through last year.  I will complain about it and that’s why I vow to never complain in the summer about it being too hot.

I like to hang on to the beautiful weather as long as I possible can which is why this made me so incredibly happy when I saw it when we got home from Drew’s game.

October Rose

One last rose.  Blooming in the sunshine despite being whipped around by the wind.  It is hanging on for one last hurrah.  We have spectacular roses blooming from Spring throughout the Summer.  I can’t take credit for them.  Mrs. Werthman, the owner of our home before we lived here took meticulous care of them. She lived here for 65 years.  Those rose bushes are probably older than me.  I don’t do anything for them.  I let them be and each year, they come back in abundance.  This one rose, in all its glory today gave me one last hope that winter is not right around the corner.  I had to take a picture – just to remind me.

One More College Visit….


Today DJ and I took another college tour.  Caldwell University, a local university about thirty minutes form our home.  He was totally against it knowing how close it was to home, but did it for me.  I had been at a fall festival recently and there was a representative there who was giving out literature about the school.  They offer A LOT of financial aid and even though it is not a public university, it could wind up costing us a lot less than a typical private university. He was quite unenthusiastic about the visit.  I tried to talk to him about how little debt he’d have after college if he went to a school in this price range over some of the other universities we have seen.  Obviously that means little to him.  I doubt it would have been what I wanted to hear at that age either.  He went with me reluctantly but he went and that’s what I was hoping for.  We listened to Dr. Blattner, the president of the university speak as well as a few students who shared their experiences.  Once again, making me wish I could go back to school.  This school offers so many community service projects, including Midnight Runs into NYC where they feed the homeless.  I kept nudging him during the speeches and he’d just roll his eyes at me. We left the auditorium and he was still not very enthusiastic.  Since today was an open house, there were professors set up in another building who would be available to answer any questions about specific majors.  He begrudgingly followed me there.  It was crowded and he mumbled something to me about how this school could have such a good broadcasting department when no one even mentioned it during the first session. We found the communications table and walked over.  The first thing we noticed on the table was an Emmy.  It had been won by Justin Cece, a former Caldwell graduate who donated it to the communications department. Neither of us had ever seen a real Emmy before.  That caught his attention, as did Professor Mann who was there to tell us all about the department.  He gave DJ so much attention, answered all of his questions and even told him that he had the perfect name for a career in radio.  We talked about work studies in the area of broadcast journalism and he let us head over to the broadcasting center where we met the station manager Nick who gave DJ a tour of the studio and let him look at all of the equipment.  DJ was actually smiling at this point.  He was asking questions and fiddling with the cameras.  His interest had been sparked!

We even took a picture of DJ with the Emmy.  It isn’t the sharpest photo, but I joked with DJ that maybe it was a look into the future.

  DJ holding an Emmy

I am glad that he stuck it out and gave it a chance.  He wound up seeing it in a whole new light.  Now the application process begins…

Long #FMF

long FMF

It has been a long time since I have participated in a Five Minute Friday.  I guess it is appropriate since today’s word is LONG.

FMF is a group of bloggers who write for five minutes flat on a given prompt — no over-thinking, editing, backtracking. Then we post our writing on our blogs and link up with other bloggers!

So, my 5 minutes starts NOW…

When I saw the word of the day, I decided that the first thing I’d do is find a quote that used the word LONG in it.  I found this one immediately and loved it.

When you are lucky enough to work with people who you love, who make you laugh, make you smile every single day – it makes you realize just how special your job is.  My coworkers are some of my best friends and I look forward to seeing them everyday.  My Kindergarteners keeps me on my toes but also keep my laughing.   I love teaching and can’t imagine myself doing anything else.  I don’t think I’d feel complete if I didn’t have a class full of learners in front of me.

At the end of the day, I get to come home to my family.  My loves.  My boys, growing up faster than I am ready for them to! Another college visit with DJ tomorrow.  I don’t know where the time is going.  It flies by.  When my boys were babies, everyone told me how quickly the time goes and now I understand what they meant!

Time is up.

Ebola…should we be scared?

don't worry

Ebola paranoia is everywhere.  Should we be scared?  Is the media making us more worried than we need to be?  Is the government telling us enough?!!? Every channel on television has it as the top story, it is all over the internet.  I am not worried…yet.  Should I be?

Yesterday, my dad came over for dinner.  Of course is was the topic of conversation.  The day before, he had picked up our cousin from the airport.  She lives in Dallas.  She hasn’t been to the hospital where the infected patient was.  I don’t even think she lives near there but still it led to the conversation of “what if.”  He knows that but we still talked about it and It didn’t ease his concern when I reminded him, that he had her in his car, was out all day in public and now he was in my house and so on and so on….Dave said it reminds him of the commercial for Faberge Organics from years ago.

We are at the point that if it is going to spread…it is already too late.  The woman who helped to treat Thomas Eric Duncan flew on an airplane with Ebola symptoms.  Was she contagious yet? I guess it is too early to tell, but all of those passengers that were on the plane with her, have now gone off and been with others, in public places all unknowingly being exposed to Ebola.

If there is nothing we can do, I guess there is nothing to worry about.  If there are precautionary measures we should be taking, I am sure we will hear about them soon enough.  Drew just came running in to tell me that a student in New Haven is showing symptoms and may have Ebola.  “We were just there,” he said. I told him to relax.  it was two months ago that we were there, and I explained that to him, but even he is realizing the magnitude of this.

For now, we will just hope that it remains contained.  We can’t worry until we have to.

Going to the Salon


Yesterday, our Emmy Lou went to her puppy spa for the day for a bath and haircut.  I joked with Dave that she gets her “hair done” much more often than I do, and boy oh boy was I due for cut and color!  Overdue!

Carla has been doing my hair for twenty-seven years!!  She did my hair for the junior and senior prom, for my wedding and my sister and brother’s weddings.  She has been a part of all the major events in my life.  I was at her wedding, she was at mine.  We attended each others bridal showers, baby showers…she’s a big part of my life <3

When I go for a haircut, it is never just a cut.  I always get color or highlights as well, so it is never a quick trip.  I usually put it off for the summer because of the cost, (although she’s the best bargain in town in my opinion!)  It has been over four months since I last went to see her and when I joked with Dave yesterday about Emmy Lou getting her hair cut again, he urged me to make an appointment.  I figured since it was payday,  I’d make the appointment.  I was hoping to get an appointment for this Saturday, but we may have another college visit for DJ that day so I checked when her late night was. Lucky for me, it which happened to be tonight and she was able to squeeze me in so I headed over right after work.

We always joke because Carla knows me as well as my family!  I will tell her something I might want to do to my hair and she tells me right out “no” if she knows it is the wrong choice!  Speaking of bad choices, when they were all the rage, it was Carla who did all my perms in the late 80’s!! Back then, I never considered it a bad choice, but looking at photos, I wonder what on earth we were thinking!!

I change my hair color quite a bit!  Dark brown, light brown, highlights, I was even red for a bit – but that didn’t last long.  It is Autumn now, so she knew I’d be thinking less highlights, more browns and she was right.  It is always a drastic change for the first few days.  We joked that we don’t even know what my original color is anymore, but it is probably close to a dark brown which is the look I went for this time.  By January, when I am due for another cut and color, I am sure I will change my mind again.  I always do!


roald dahl

I often get stuck on what to write and some days have a lot more to share than others.  Those days where I feel stuck, I will often look for a quote to get me started.

How very accurate this one I found today is!  When my life is overflowing with things to do, and I feel like I can’t keep up – like it has been lately – I feel myself begin to drag.  I begin to feel old and weathered.

As things begin to clear and the “to do list” becomes shorter and shorter, I feel released.  Like weights have been lifted.  I smile more and truly do feel lighter – more radiant!  I still have a lot to do.  I still have a lot to unclutter.  I still have a lot to focus on but throughout it all, I will try to think of happy thoughts, and allow those sunbeams to shine.