Easier than I Expected!

every child a flower

Yesterday we had to run a quick errand.  Our new dog, Emmy Lou, who is a shelter/rescue dog, was having a difficult time walking in the snow.  The salt or cold, (we could not tell which),  seemed to be hurting her paws, so we were running out to pick up some disposable footies for her to try out to see if they would help.

I thought it was going to take a while for me to actually see a random act of kindness.  I was even talking about it to my husband Dave, wondering if there would be enough kindness out there to just witness without really looking.  I was already doubting myself, thinking I was getting in over my head, and it was only the first day!

Not even fifteen minutes later, as we were shopping, I saw one of my students from last year.  I asked her and her mom if they enjoyed the holiday.  They told me that after all the celebrating with family members, and lots and lots of gifts, they decided that instead of receiving gifts at their final holiday party, they would ask for money instead and donate it towards an animal shelter.   It all seemed to tie together.  We were out shopping for our own shelter dog, Emmy Lou and they were giving up their own gifts to support other shelter dogs.

Maybe this kindness project is meant to be…

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