Mary’s Magazines


A friend of mine, who heard about my blog, shared this with me.  She thought that this would be perfect for it.  She was right!!!  Please read to see how you can spread some kindness to patients who are going through chemo treatments.

“As many of you know my mom passed away almost nine years ago from breast cancer. She battled it for almost six years, and during that time she had a lot of treatments. If you have never known anyone with cancer, you might not understand how long a treatment can take. My mom would often check in at 8:00 AM and be ready to go by 4:00 PM. That is a LONG time to be in one place. While the centers tried to have things there to keep them occupied it often got old. My mom and I had an amazing friend named Sue Case. About once a month Sue would meet up with either my mom or I and give my mom old magazines. It meant so much to my mom, the other patients, and their caregivers.

So, in honor of my mom I am starting Mary’s Magazines. I am asking people to please either send me their old magazines or request a label sheet so they can mark them as a Mary’s Magazine. All magazines donated will go to local area cancer centers and doctors’ offices.

I remember all the joy those magazines brought to my mom. She would sit there for hours reading them. Many a new recipe came from Woman’s Day, many a joke from Readers Digest, and many trivia facts from all the others. While this isn’t raising money, awareness, or anything to do with a type of research, I do hope it helps to raise some spirits.

So will you join me in 2013? I hope so. Any questions post below or send me a message. Time to get the Mary’s Magazines movement rollin!!!”

If you would like to send magazines directly to her, this is her address:

Nicole Hercules
1241 Colby Drive
Saint Peters, MO 63376

 But if you prefer to just receive labels that you can place on magazine and deliver to a place closer to you, (this is what I plan to do), you can email her at or check out and “like” her facebook page, Mary’s Magazines.

 So please spread the word. “Like” her page on facebook and please share this idea with others.

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