Giving Kindness

giving kindness

Today, I went to my mailbox at school and found a package inside.  It was the book, Hibernation Station, by Michelle Meadows.  Right before the holidays, a 7th grade class from the local middle school came to our classroom to read it to us.  They did a fun project that went along with the book.  My Kindergarteners loved it and I think the “big kids” did too.  They shared gummy bears and created cute little books of their own.   What a surprise when we found the book in our mailbox today.  There was a letter included.  Apparently, upon doing a little more research on the book, they realized that our school library did not have a copy so they donated theirs to our school so that other students would be able to have the same joy upon reading it as my class did.  The smiles on my students’ faces, knowing that they can check it out of the library, showed just how happy they were!  We talked about how kind this was and how great it made us feel knowing that others did something nice for us.  We cannot wait for them to come back and visit again in February!


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