good manners

This morning, while out on a run, I was thinking about manners.   I don’t think that Random Acts of Kindness and manners are the same thing.  Of course, they fit hand in hand with each other, but shouldn’t we be using manners all of the time?  As a driver let me cross in front of his car, and another jogger, smiled and waved, I thought with a smile, “more kindness”, but really, shouldn’t we always be doing things like this?

Etiquette is defined as, “the customary code of polite behavior in society”.  Etiquette should not be something we feel like we have to do, but something that should just come naturally.

As a parent and a teacher, manners are essential both in my home as well as in my classroom.  Manners need to be modeled.  If parents and adults are polite, children will follow.  If you use kind words consistently and model with praise and manners, it will soon come naturally to children as well.  If manners are reinforced, etiquette can become a way of living for any child or adult.


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