The Place Where Change Began

mlk 2

One month ago today, our nation was shocked by the news of the tragedy in Newtown.  The horrific killing of 20 children and 6 adults in an elementary school has impacted us all.  I know that it has been difficult for most people to accept.  There is no way to understand why it happened.  As a mother, I find myself hugging my own sons more often.  I am trying to be more conscious of the time I spend on school work and other things, so that I can spend more time with them.  As a teacher, I found myself feeling more protective of my students.  I know that if I were ever in the same situation, I would protect those children as if they were my own, because for those six and a half hours a day that they spend with me, they are a part of my life.  Every student that I have taught, has filled a part of my heart.  They make me who I am.  They make me smile, laugh and cry.  I want them to know that they are loved and safe while in my care.  No child should be afraid to come to school.

All over the news and internet today have been reminders of that day.  Families of victims have gone on television to let people know that although their hearts have been broken, their spirits have not been.  The Sandy Hook Promise has been created.  This is a promise to support the families, neighbors, teachers, and community of Sandy Hook.  You can read the promise here:

Since tomorrow is the actual birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. I thought that today’s quote was perfect for today’s blog.   He was a man who wanted to see change.  We need to remember Newtown for more than just this tragedy. It must be remembered as the place where change began.


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