They Understood!!

magic johnson

Today’s blog builds upon yesterday’s and the book that we read in class, “How to Lose All of Your Friends”, by Nancy Carlson. I did not realize the impact it had on the kids until this morning.

This morning, two of the boys in my class came into school with a version of the book they wrote themselves!  It was called, “How to Make Your Mom Mad”.  It was fantastic and funny and a perfect way to continue our conversation.   The boys and I read it to the class and everyone related it back to the book from yesterday.  Some of their suggestions, (in their own Kindergarten style of writing) were, “write all over her papers” and “eat all her groceries”. We laughed along with the book, all along knowing that they really got the idea!!

Every morning, I start the day with a morning greeting.  Sometimes we just go around the circle and say good morning to the person sitting beside us.  Other days we give a high five to our neighbor or roll a ball to each other, always saying good morning.   The students are encouraged to look at each other in the eyes and be respectful as we go around the circle.  Today for our morning greeting, we went around the circle and I told everyone that they had to give a compliment to the person next to them.  Their compliments and words of kindness were so endearing.  A few of my favorites were, “I really like your green eyes”, “you have a nice smile”  and “I love the way you stay in the lines when you color”.  I cannot even put into words how emotionally moved I was by their sentiment today.  I told them that my heart was so filled with joy, that it was spilling out from my eyes!  They laughed and agreed that people cry when they are happy.

We mentioned how we don’t give compliments to get compliments.  I told them that their job today is to give out two compliments to people outside of our classroom and if you see something nice, then say it.  Watching them go throughout school today, complimenting other teachers and friends was really heartwarming.   Best of all, was that most of them said that they did not want to stop at only two compliments and asked if they could do more!!

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One thought on “They Understood!!

  1. Charlie Gianni, Mrs Sinclair,s Dad January 16, 2013 at 10:20 pm Reply

    Hey, kids, leaving a compliment or 2 or 3 doesn’t have to stop when you’re a kid. When I leave my store (or my house) to run an errand, I make sure I greet as many people as I possibly can with a
    quick greeting. I just never know what could happen next as I proceed to my destination. Smiley
    faces are so much nicer to present yourself with than mean scowls. Pass on the good stuff and
    it will go a long, long way.

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