I love being a part of a team.  In my busy life, I find myself on many different teams.  “Team Kindergarten” at work, where our team works together daily to share ideas, inspiration, laughs and sometimes even tears.

“Team Sinclair”, my family,  a team of our own, each with our own roles.  My husband is a stay at home dad and takes care of most of the housework, the laundry and the “stuff” that keeps our house running, while I am at work and the boys are at school.  Our lives run fairly smoothly, with him in charge of sports and extra-curricular activities, and me in charge of all things academic. Our schedules mesh and we all have time to do things together yet still have time for ourselves.

Even my extended family works as a team.  My parents, grandmother and siblings all all still live close to each other and find time to see each other for family dinner at least once a week.  We are all ready to help each other out in a pinch.  We just jump in where needed.

My kickboxing class is definitely one of those things that I make sure I have time for each week.  My goal is to get to two classes a week.  The group of kickboxers, (mostly women), that I kick with each week is pretty consistent and most of us are working parents who need it as much as I do!  Tonight, our regular instructor wasn’t feeling well and asked me to teach the class for him.  I was a little apprehensive, (even though I have been taking the class for two years), but knowing my kickboxing “team” of women, made me feel more at ease. We worked together and collaborated and came up with a really great class!!  We did things we had not done for quite sometime and really changed up the workout.  We laughed and sweated and had a really great class.  Once again, TEAMWORK.

It is actually interesting to observe how when you work on a team, (especially a team of people who really like each other), most of them pitch in without needing to be asked.  Teammates see things that need to be done and take care of it. That type of seamless teamwork is fun to be a part of.  It makes me wonder what causes that to happen in some situations while it doesn’t happen in others.  I imagine it is a combination of conditions and personalities and perhaps even upbringing of those involved.

This all brings me back to morals, values, kindness, and these teams that I belong to are what makes me who I am and what I want to continue to be.


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