My parents are members of the local Kiwanis Club.  They have been Kiwanians for many years.  Presently, they are vice-president and secretary of their local chapter.   I know all of the great things our local chapter does for our community, but until tonight, (when I googled it), I did not know how it got its name.  This is what I found out on Wikipedia:

The name “Kiwanis” was coined from an Otchipew American Indian expression, “Nunc Kee-wanis”, variously translated as “we trade”, “we share our talents”, “we make a noise”, or “we meet”.  The organization’s founders translated it as “We build”, which became the original motto of Kiwanis. In 2005 the organization chose a new motto, “Serving the Children of the World”.  Members of the club are called Kiwanians.

Serving the children is exactly what our local club does.  Their biggest fundraiser each year is “The Annual Rubber Duck Race” which is held in our local park.  The event raises over $20,000 each year, and all of the proceeds go right back into the community.  The boy scouts, local libraries and schools are often the recipients of the funds.   This weekend my parents received a special thank you on behalf of the club.  A woman and her daughter were at the public library.  They were using the new ipads that were donated to the children’s room this past Fall.  The woman approached the librarian to tell how great it was to have them accessible to children and the librarian told her where they came from.  The woman took it upon herself to send a personalized letter to the club, letting them know how much she and her daughter appreciated it.  Going along with yesterday’s blog, The Kiwanis Club does not give to get, but that affirmation from someone who is benefiting from it, made all of the time and effort they put into what they do, seem even more worth it.


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One thought on “Kiwanians

  1. Charlie Gianni, Mrs Sinclair,s Dad January 20, 2013 at 9:17 pm Reply

    And that is what makes our town of Maplewood so wonderful. Many different organizations abound in town to service the community in so many ways. We Kiwanians are so pleased to work hard to raise funds for many causes. However, we do have a plea. Like so many organizations, we are in dire need of new members. Believe me, it is so rewarding to join these groups. Success can come fleetingly with more people involved. Building a fraternity/sorority makes for stronger friendships and ties that bind. We Kiwanians meet once a week for luncheon at the Maplewood Country Club. For those who work during the day, we also meet the first Monday evening of each month at Bunny’s in South Orange. We welcome anyone to come aboard and help us stay successful. The children of the world and our community will thank you many times over.

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