A Role Model

role model

Athletes can captivate and delight us, annoy and infuriate us.  They can disappoint and discourage us but they can  also motivate and inspire us.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a big sports fan.  I love to go to games and will happily sit home and watch a game with Dave and the boys.  My kids and Dave all play sports and most of our weekends are filled with games that they are taking part in.  Drew’s dream is to be a professional athlete.  I see this as  a good and a bad thing!  Being paid to play a sport would be a dream come true for him but I would hate to see him caught up in the greed that sadly is often witnessed when it comes to pro athletes and their salaries.  I know that most of these athletes have dedicated their entire lives to their sport, but when they fight for more money, or strike because they cannot negotiate a contract, it disappoints me.  BUT, this does not apply to all athletes.

Today I heard a story about David Beckham.  He signed a five month contract with the team Paris Saint-Germain.  He decided that he would donate his one million dollar a month salary to a yet named children’s charity.  Beckham has been a UNICEF ambassador for over ten years and has worked with numerous children’s charities throughout his career.  I know many will think that he makes so much money in endorsements this “is just a drop in the bucket for him”, but he is still doing it.  He is making others aware.  If my children choose to have role models that are athletes, I would prefer that it be someone like David Beckham.  A person who when he sees that there is a need, makes an effort to make a change for the better.




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