Don’t be a Debbie Downer

kindness a big thing

I went to my first meeting of “The Maplewood Kindness Committee” today.  Until a few weeks ago, when someone read my blog, I did not even know about it.  I have lived here in Maplewood my entire life and thought I was pretty in tune with what was going on in my community, but this was new to me!  I did not know anyone on the committee and did not know what to expect so since it was a morning meeting, I decided to start off on a positive note and make a coffee cake and bring it along.  It went great with the muffins and coffee that Barbara, our host had set up for us!  Yum!

Today, was a small group.  I was told that the monthly meetings usually had more attendees, but for a small group, we were able to share many thoughts and ideas.  The intention of the committee is simple.  Spread Kindness.  Making people aware is so important and we talked about ways we could do it.

Have you ever heard someone called, “Debbie Downer”?  A person so fixated with the bad things that they are not able to see the good around them. Sadly, Debbie Downers are all around us.  Sometimes they work with us or are in our social circles.  Sometimes they are in our families.  It can be emotionally draining just being around them, and sadly  their attitudes are contagious.  Negativity can grow and when we are feeling negativity, happiness is much harder to come by.  The goal of the kindness committee is completely the opposite.  If we can get people to focus on the positive and let that grow instead of letting negativity fester, we can change attitudes.   We are not going to change the world, but if we lead by example, we are off to a good start.


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