Kindness Heals

healing kindness

I have been feeling kindness all day today.

  • A good friend of mine started it off first thing this morning. She wrote about me in her blog,  Tammy has been supporting me in my blog endeavor since day one, and she always seems to find a way to boost my confidence.  Tammy is an incredibly inspiring writer and I encourage you to follow her blog.
  • I visited an amazing family today who inspire me all of the time.  I went there to meet the two foster children who came to them this week!  I know that this is quite an undertaking and I admire them for it. I hope that someday they will let me share their story on my blog because it is an amazing one and one that will inspire others as well.
  • I went out and bought journals today because yesterday, during our Kindness Campaign meeting, we sat and brainstormed ways that we could promote kindness.  My favorite idea that we came up with are “Kindness Journals”.  The plan is, that we will leave  these journals in different places around town.  The idea behind the journals, is to write about ways that you have seen kindness.  It can be kindness you have seen others do, or RAK’s that you have done yourself.   After you write about it, you need to leave the journal in a different place for someone else to find.  It is our hope that when people find and read them, they will inspired to go out and continue to promote kindness.
  • While doing my lesson plans, I found a great idea to promote kindness in my Kindergarten class.  I am going to start a “100 Acts of Kindness” project with them this week.  Each one of them will take home five hearts and with their family, they will commit 4-5 RAK’s and write them on the hearts.  By the 100th day of school, we should make our goal!

Since I have started this blog, I can honestly say that there have been a few days that I haven’t felt a lot of kindness and found it hard to find something to write about.  Then, there are days like today, where my faith is restored and I can start with a fresh attitude going into the days ahead.

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