Do You Judge?

judge others

Today I saw an article on the internet on “How People Judge You”.  It was about how to make a great first impression when going on an interview.  It seemed shallow and superficial, with ideas for how to dress and how much makeup to apply.  I never thought of “judging someone” as a positive thing.  Yes, of course a first impression is important perhaps in a job interview, but should it be judged solely on looks?  I don’t think so.

But I really began to think about it.  Do you judge others?  I have to confess that I do find myself doing it.  It is not something that I am proud of.  I don’t know why I do it.  Is it human nature to judge others? I know I am not alone in this and I wonder why it is so common place.  Is it because we feel that, “we know best.”?  Why have people become so critical of others or have we always been this way? Are we insecure or judging others to distract ourselves from our own weaknesses?  Is it because we stereotype others? I  honestly am not sure.

I know that I have been out, in a restaurant, or a store and been critical of how another parent is disciplining their children.  Maybe it is because there is so much “advice” on how we should raise our children.  Who is the one to say what is right?   I have heard stories on the news and thought, “I would never do that”, or “how could they let something like that happen”?  Do we really know why people do what they do?  If we are not in their shoes, do we have any idea of what others are going through?

I saw an experiment on

Experiment for those who want to participate: I want you to look at people you see and interact with today, like the people that you see walking down the street, people that you work with people that you interact with in a store or office or school. I want you to first look at them as you would normally, like a group of boys walking down the street.

What are your thoughts about them what do you think about them what are you judging them for? Is your first reaction “what are they up to?” or “Are they out causing trouble?” or are you wondering what type of kids they are or have you judged them and already labeled them?

Now I want you to look at them again, but this time relate them to someone you love: your kids, your mother, father, siblings, friend, anyone that you have unconditional love for. Look at them and see their qualities that are good. In doing this you are changing the energy and bringing more positive energy into your life.

Interesting!  Thinking about it in a different way.  Seek out the good, positive qualities.  What a nice thought.

Perhaps we can learn from judging someone by taking the time to get to know them after you judge them and find out how accurate you were.  With practice, you might just become better at reading someone you meet the for the first time.


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