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pay it forward

Today, I received a message on facebook from a friend who knew that I’d be inspired by this story.  This is exactly what I am hoping for!!  I want people to share stories like this with me so that I can spread them as well on this blog.  Check out this wonderful random act of kindness project I read about on a really great website called Barista Kids:

Local Mom Inspires Kids to Do Random Acts of Kindness Through Her Non-Profit, Moore Love

by Kristen Kemp  |  Friday, Feb 08, 2013 11:30am


“I helped clean up 20 pounds of LEGOs my brother had dumped out in the living room tonight!”

“I was kind to my mom by cleaning the Tupperware so its easy to make lunch.”

“I shoveled my neighbors sidewalk all by myself. I also read a book to a dog.

Random acts of kindness are catching in West Orange in a real life Pay It Forward. Betsy Stephens, mom of two, is on a mission to make lemonade out of lemons. She tragically lost her sister Ella Moore, also a mom of two, to ovarian cancer in 2011 (see above). The trait that defined Ella was her incredible kindness, Betsy says. Ella believed it was easy to be nice, and wondered how great life could be if everyone would just be nice all of the time.

moore love

To keep Ella’s spirit going strong, Betsy created a non-profit organization called Moore Love. On Feb. 1, every student at Gregory Elementary School was given a card with a number on it that encouraged them to do something kind and then pass the card on to the recipient. The fun part is watching the niceness grow–most card numbers have multiple entries that are so heart-warming to read.

Moore Love

Kids–and their parents–can register the card at the Moore Love website and see how many people used it. So far, more than 100 acts of goodness have been logged from New Jersey to New York and all the way to Hawaii. See Sam, a Gregory student at left, writing a note to his friend in Seattle who is having a rough time. Local businesses are getting in on Moore Love by giving sweet kids special stickers and treats.

Gregory’s principal, Michele Thompson, was immediately on board with Betsy’s program, and parents from other places are asking if they can bring Moore Love to their schools, too. Betsy is thrilled: “My plan has always been to keep ‘passing it on’ by creating a program that could be easily replicated at multiple schools.”

Betsy adds, “I’m allowing Ella to continue do what she did best. She made the world a kinder place.”

Exactly the goal I have in mind myself!  I stress it all of the time… making the world a kinder place.  It is not that hard. We can do it!


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