Today’s assignment for Random Acts of Kindness Week was “get in touch with an old friend”.  I thought about it during the day and decided there were a lot of people that I could get in touch with, but four of the most significant people I wanted to reach out to were my college roommates, Brooks, Mary Lynn, Debbie and Jen.  Until I began writing to them this evening. I did not realize just how much I missed them.  I was going to write each of them a personal note, but last minute, decided to send out one email with all of their names so that we could all respond to each other together.  It has been several years since all five of us have gotten together.  Mar, Deb and Brooks live in the Washington, DC area, which is where we went to school.  It has been so long that Jen and I have spoken that I am sad to say, although I think right now she is living in The Philippines, I am actually unsure where exactly she and her husband are living.  She has a glamorous, fascinating job in the foreign service and has lived all over the world.

In my email, I told them about what has been going on in  my life.  It made me realize just how long it has been since we have caught up with one another.  We share photos on facebook and we send holiday cards, but really, I was not sure how long it had been or how much I needed to share!  It actually made me a bit melancholy wondering where the time went.  Some of us have children, mine being the oldest yet I don’t even know if they realized he was in high school and that in my household, we are beginning to talk about college!!

Even so many years later, there are so many things that make me think about them.  I cannot eat a slice of white chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory without thinking of Mar and how we’d go there before our late night Astronomy class to share a piece for dinner!  Anytime I watch Forrest Gump, I get reminded of Jen, whenever Forrest pronounces his girlfriend Jenny’s name as, “Jenn I”.  The day I met Jen, she told me her name is “Jeni with an I”, so I would jokingly call her, “Jen-I” and now I always think of her when I hear him say it.  Deb was in many of my classes, as we were both education majors.  She had the most perfect handwriting of anyone I knew.  Just today, when I was writing my morning message for my class, I thought of her when I formed the letters of “Good Morning” and it looked like something she would have written!!  I have actually seen Brooks fairly recently.  She is in the NYC area often and this summer, I had the chance to meet up with her and catch up a bit.

As with any good friends, there are so many stories that I remember and just start to smile or laugh out loud.  Probably things, that would never be funny to anyone else, but can make me not only crack a smile, but often burst out laughing.

I cannot wait to hear back from all of them and see what is going on in their lives.  Often life just gets too busy and I find it hard to get it under control!  I am hoping to try to find the time to “slow it down” and take more opportunities to get in touch with my old friends.  Perhaps this year, we can have one of our mini reunions and just spend a long weekend together – just the five of us, reliving those days and just catching up with life.

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