Need a Hug?


What is it about hugging that is so powerful?  Families offer hugs to let each other know that they love them.  Friends hug to show that they care.  Hugs are used to comfort or to congratulate. Hugs speak more than words. They give a sense of safety.  They speak a universal language.   What makes hugs so special?  Why are hugs so therapeutic?   While in NYC last summer, there was a man walking around with a sign that read, “FREE HUGS”.  It reminded me of a video I saw awhile back on you tube.  I have included the link and it is really worth watching!

I did some research on the benefits of hugging and found some interesting results:

  • Hugs release endorphins and serotonin into the blood steam which cause pleasure and negate pain and sadness
  • Hugs release Ocytocin, which stimulates and sharpens the senses and increases the functionality of your body.
  • Hugs help relax your muscles, especially the facial muscles, erasing age lines and slowing the aging process

Hugging boosts self-esteem, showing us that we are loved and special. I sign my morning message to my kindergarteners everyday with “Hugs, Mrs. Sinclair”.  They’ll often ask me why and I tell them that it is my way of making sure they knew they had a morning hug from me each day.   Anyone who teaches Kindergarten knows that there is no shortage of hugs!!  If you ever need to feel loved, just walk into a Kindergarten classroom.

The best thing about hugs, they are free and they can be given anytime.  Hugs can bring people closer, heal an aching heart and can help sick patients with recovery.

If one hug can lighten someone’s pain, fear or worry even for just a moment, it obviously is a good thing.

Who have you hugged today?


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