What Children Can Teach Adults


Children  are enthusiastic about life, eager to learn, and curious about everything.  I am lucky enough to be able to spend my days with them watching how they interact with each other and the world around them.

You may be surprised at how clever they are.  They handle themselves differently than adults.  They live spontaneously and are eager to try new things and are not intimidated to try again if they don’t succeed the first time. A child’s mind is open to all the world has to offer.  They don’t mind trying new things and often think they are invincible.  Their imagination sparks their dreams and curiosity.   As adults, we often  lose sight of our imagination.  There is much we can learn from the behavior of children.  Playing comes naturally to kids because play time is fun time, and kids love to have fun.  As we get older we forget how great it feels to let loose and just play and just enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

In the beginning of February, I challenged my class of Kindergarteners to commit 100 acts of kindness before the 100th day of school.  In my many years of teaching, I have learned that so much of what children say is insightful!   I found some of the things that they thought of to be so heartwarming and genuine.  I had to share a few.

  • I gave my mom a quarter that I found
  • I made a card for the crossing guard who was in the hospital
  • I picked out a toy for my sister when I went to the toy store
  • I shared my last piece of chocolate with my brother
  • I cleaned the bathtub
  • I got my sister her socks when she would not go upstairs
  • I went outside in the snow to get my dad’s jacket that he forgot
  • I put my clothes in the hamper, not on the floor
  • I brought my mom some juice
  • I helped my dad carry a heavy box

Sometimes, we need to relive our Kindergarten days.  It makes us think about our priorities and what is most important to us.  My days in Kindergarten often help my put my life into perspective!


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