I am sure you have heard the song by Louis Armstrong that says, “When you’re smilin’, the whole world smiles with you”…

Smiling is contagious, but did you know that it is good for you? Just the simple act of smiling sends a message to your brain and tell it you that you’re happy and when you’re happy, your body pumps out all kinds of feel-good endorphins.  A smile can brighten your mood, improve your outlook, and lead you to make positive choices using sound and good judgment.

When we smile, our mood lightens and it can affect how we respond towards others.  It leads to a more positive attitude that radiates through your smile and encourages others to do the same.  A smile can inspire others and give hope.  Smiling is universal.  It is understood in any language.

So smile more often.  It is a simple act of kindness that costs absolutely nothing.

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