wish you were here

I keep thinking that people are going to see my blog and think, “another one about her mom”, but at the wakes and through emails, I have been hearing the contrary.  So many people have actually thanked me for my blog.  They have told me that it made them feel like they knew what was going on throughout the entire ordeal.  Truth be told, I know that I  I am writing these more for me than for others.  It was (and still is), my way of dealing with it.  It is how I am expressing my feelings. Tonight I did get emotional and cried but it was more for the emotional outpouring of love that I witnessed.

I was never one to keep a journal, but documenting this entire ordeal is giving me comfort.  I know whenever I need to, I will be able to go back and reread what I have written and hopefully it will bring me the same comfort that it is giving me now.

Today was another day to celebrate her life.  Not just at the wakes, but around town as well.  I know that she is being spoken of and remembered fondly.  Today at The Maplewood Township Committee meeting, there was a moment of silence for her.  On the local on-line message board in our town, Maplewood Online, she is being remembered as well.  Of course we will all miss her and of course we will all feel sad when we think about her being gone, but the best thing we can do to honor my mother is to simply be happy for the memories we do have of her.  Remember the times you spent with her and the conversations that you shared.  I am confident that this is what is going to fill my mother ‘s soul with peace.

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