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It is April.  Spring.  My favorite season of the year.  Perfect for Little League Baseball…unless of course it is 40 degrees and windy and way too cold to be sitting outside watching a ball game!!!  Those boys sure did not seem to mind though.  As the parents paced back and forth and jogged in place to stay warm, the kids remained focused on their game.  Drew’s team is made up of 10-12 year olds and they are sponsored by “The Maplewood Stationers”, my dad’s store.  (All of the teams are sponsored by a local business).  My dad was there  – he is probably Drew’s biggest fan!

Drew has worn different numbers in the past.  Usually he wears the lower numbers because the jerseys tend to start with the  lowest numbers on the smallest jerseys and as the jerseys get larger, the numbers get larger.  This year Drew asked the coach if he could wear number 13 because it was my mom’s lucky number.  The coaches agreed and Drew was given the jersey – which is much too big on him but he doesn’t care.  Dave has tried to shrink it in the wash, but these jerseys seem to be indestructible and it stayed the same size even after three washes and tumbles in the dryer.

Tonight was the first game of the season.  Anyone who knows Drew, knows that he takes his sports VERY seriously.  He told us that he was dedicating this game to Grandma since he was wearing her number.  Drew was batting first.  He was walked on his first at bat.  The first half of the inning went fairly quickly and although Drew was not expected to play catcher, his favorite position, at the last minute, he was told to get on his catcher’s gear and get ready to play.  He was so excited.  It was a scoreless first inning.

At Drew’s second at bat, the bases were loaded.  Two outs.  Anxiety for Dave and me.  No parent wants their kid to be the third out!!  Full count and WHAM!  Drew hit what was probably his best hit ever!  An RBI double!!  As he stepped on second base I saw him kiss two fingers and hold them up to the sky.   Later, I asked him what he did that for and he said it was for grandma.  I told him that I am sure that she was there watching him from above and that her heart was probably bursting with pride – just like mine was.  The game ended with a 3-1 win and Drew was given the game ball at the end of the game.  He has already written the date on it and his new lucky number 13.

Mom was not able to get to a lot of Drew’s games over the last few years but now he knows that she will be with him at all of them, in his heart and on his back #13.


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2 thoughts on “#13

  1. Charlie Gianni, Mrs Sinclair,s Dad April 2, 2013 at 10:19 pm Reply

    As a proud Grampa, I’d like to set the record straight—I believe the score was 4-0! And, yes, I know Gramma was extremely proud! Keep those fingers pointing, Drew!

  2. Claire April 3, 2013 at 4:55 am Reply

    Drew corrected me as well! The score was 4-0~ It was so cold, my face was buried in my scarf and I took a couple of warm up breaks in the car!!

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