Friendship Meals

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Tonight, a friend of mine provided dinner for my family.  “Just a little something to make things a little easier”, she told me.  She asked me ahead of time, if I wanted the meal already prepared, or if I would rather have all of the ingredients, measured and ready to go into the crockpot.  I chose the crockpot method.  This morning, Dave took all of the pre-measured ingredients, threw them all into the crockpot, set the timer for 10 hours and voila!!  A delicious meal of pork tacos!

I thanked her numerous times, but she told me that she was making them for her own family so she just doubled the recipe so that my family could enjoy as well.

So now I have decided that I need to make Friendship Meals.   I am sure that many of us have made meals for friends in need, but this made me think that something like this could be done for so many other reasons!

Busy at work?
Late night meetings?
Illness in the family?

It would be rather simple.  You would make one  for your own family and double it to share with a friend!!!  Crockpot meals and casseroles would be the easiest.  When you give this meal out to a friend you could present it uncooked or with all the ingredients, like my friend did for me today,  (this seems like it would work best in case they don’t want to eat the casserole on that particular day), or if they would rather, have it all cooked and ready to go.

Wrap a pretty bow around the whole baking dish or ingredients.  If you wish, add a pretty spoon and you have just taken one burden off of someone else, and in turn, you have spread kindness to someone else.  Who knows, maybe they’ll do the same and Friendship Meals will be on other tables soon.


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2 thoughts on “Friendship Meals

  1. jane Voight April 4, 2013 at 8:31 am Reply

    What a nice idea. Will you share the pork taco recipe?!?!?!

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