Getting Dirty for a Cause


Last year, I participated in two mud runs.  Each one was an event to raise money for two great causes.  The Warrior Dash, benefited St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and The MuckRuckus benefited Multiple Sclerosis.  In each one, I had to run, swim, and climb over, around, under and through many obstacles.  I even jumped over fire!!  Before those races, I had never even run a 5k!!  I am not the most athletic person…

I was able to finish both races, and since then,  I have also run two 5ks, (also fundraisers).  In June, I will be doing my 3rd mud run.  I am really looking forward to it.  This one will also raise money for MS.  I admit, I get more than a little nervous before each one.  My goal is to get through all of the obstacles that I can, and finish the race.  I am not doing it to be first or to win any sort of prize.  I am doing it just to prove to myself that I can, and in doing so, if I am able to raise money that will go towards supporting a cause, then not only am I winner, but those benefiting win too!

Here is a link to the event!!  If you can help out, great.  If you want to join our team….even better!

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