(notice the butterfly in the FIRST quote that popped up)

After posting my blog on Facebook yesterday, I had a lot of comments about the butterflies.   My favorite one came from a friend of mine.  Her “theory” is this, (and I hope she does not mind me sharing, because I found it so profound, I could not stop thinking about it today).

“If you think of time as a ball of string, then all “time” touches all other “time” and everything is really happening all at once; the past, present and future. You were looking for a job and you were stressed out about it. You, as a manifestation of the energy of the universe, gave yourself a gift.  You gave yourself a symbol you knew you would recognize, you knew it would make you smile and calm you down and help you to ace the interview. You knew you would get that job because your future self had been through it already. Your “future” self helped your “present” self make happen exactly what was supposed to happen. It’s why you kept seeing yellow butterflies everywhere. It means you are well connected to your higher self.  You see the symbols (messages) of the universe”. 

I have honestly been thinking about this all day.  How we are all somehow linked together… knots in the string perhaps?  Maybe nothing is really a coincidence and these things are happening in some way, to get me to notice something, be it in my personal life, or somewhere else.  I call them coincidences, but maybe they are something more powerful and meaningful than I ever realized.

I looked up the definition of Clairvoyance; “perceiving things in the future or beyond normal”.  Our brains process information and I know that at least in my own case, I am always looking for patterns.  Every time I see something that has a “coincidence”. I think it must be a sign, SERENDIPITY!

It just happened to me this weekend…I was talking to some friends at a party and we were talking about college and old roommates.  A name from the past – which I have not thought about in probably 20 years, came up.  They did not know this person at all.   Yesterday, I was on Facebook and there, on another friend’s wall, popped up his name.  Of course, to me, this was “a sign”.  What does it mean?  I have no idea.  But this is the way I think.  I like to think there is a reason behind everything.

Who knows, maybe there is some mystical plan out there, and if that gives me comfort, and perhaps make me look for meaning in what is important to me then, maybe these coincidences are leading me on a path that will bring me comfort in some form.  For now, I’ll just keep looking for my yellow butterflies and see where they lead me.

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