Made My Day!

children teach about life

After spending a lot of time focusing on self-image, I had to laugh out loud today.  I may have mentioned this in an earlier blog, but if you ever need cheering up, or a huge boost in confidence, just spend a day in Kindergarten.  There is never a shortage of love letters, or kind words from the kids.  Everyday, I receive them.  Today something made me actually laugh out loud.

My classroom was very warm this afternoon.  We do not have air-conditioning in my classroom.  In my earlier self-image blog, I mentioned that I will VERY rarely wear my hair up because I am so self-conscious about my Neurofibromatosis.  Today, I got so warm, I grabbed a hair tie and whipped it up into a messy bun.  There was no mirror in the room, so it surely was not done in any fashionable style.  I just had to get it off my neck.  It was during “center time” so all of the kids were busy in small math groups playing math games.  All of a sudden one of the boys in my class called out, “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa”, in a very loud, excited voice.  I looked over to see what was wrong and he said, “who did your hair????”  I had to laugh, and said, “I did it myself because I was so warm – why….does it look okay”.   He enthusiastically said, “Yes” and another boy said, “I am thinking it looks….” and he paused to think of the right word, “AMAZING”, with a big sigh.

Talk about a boost to my self-esteem.  I just adore them.  It made my day.


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2 thoughts on “Made My Day!

  1. Marcia May 10, 2013 at 7:01 pm Reply

    Love that!

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