Organ Donation

organ donation

Tonight, my family went to dinner along with Tim’s good friend Michelle and her children.  He had played Francine’s “numbers” in the lottery and won!!  Not a lot, but enough to treat us all to dinner.  We all thanked Franny at the end of the meal.

While at dinner, my brother brought up a topic that caused a heated conversation between a few of us.  We were talking about a person that we all knew, (he must remain nameless even though I highly doubt he’d read my blog), because he is the most hateful person I have ever met and is one of the reasons I decided to write this kindness blog.  I honestly do not know anyone that has more hatred in his heart.

Tim’s question was, “If he needed it, would you donate one of your kidneys to ____”.  My first response was, “Absolutely NOT” and I have to say that I totally shocked myself for even saying it.  This person hates anyone that is not like him and lets them know it.  He is a racist, a bigot and overall just an unkind person.   I would not want a part of me inside of him knowing that hatred would just continue.

Tim said, “I cannot believe someone that writes a blog about kindness would ever say that”, to which I replied, “he is the exact opposite of kindness”. Yet, the more I thought about it, I know that I actually would do it.  There is no way that I would let someone that could benefit from my organ, die because I was selfish.  There is a quote from the bible, (and I don’t read it much so forgive me if I have it wrong), “Love the sinner, hate the sin, for who among us is free of sin”?

What surprised me even more, was that we were having this debate after he was so adamant about NOT donating Francine’s organs, (her wishes though – perhaps not his).   Knowing how many lives could have been saved through the tragedy of Francine’s passing, was very hard for me to deal with, but not my decision and therefore not for me to judge.  We had planned to donate my mother’s organs, but none of them were viable so sadly, no one was able to benefit from them.

Just a few weeks ago, my dad’s friend, (who is about my age), just received a new heart.  He is now home with his family.  Given a second chance at life.  That is pretty amazing.  Yes, it had to come from someone, and that family is probably experiencing terrible sadness but they were able to create complete joy out of their sorrow.

Dave and I have had this discussion many times and it is on our licenses.  We both are willing to donate our organs after we die.  After death, we are just a body.  We believe that our soul is in heaven.  With thousands of people dying as they await an organ, it just seems to be a “no brainer” because as they say, “you can’t take it with you”.

That leaves me with a question though… “If you refuse to be an organ donor, do you think that you should be able to receive someone else’s”?


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