The devastation of the tornadoes that have struck in Oklahoma has really been affecting me.  Once again, we are hearing the heroic stories of teachers at an elementary school.  As teachers, we had so many discussions at our school after the horrific Newtown massacre in December.  We all know that had it been us in that same situation, we too would have done the same thing for our students.  They are our responsibility and while they are in our care, we would do everything possible to protect them.  Obviously, the destruction of nature versus the massacre of a madman cannot be compared, but if ever put into that situation, I know that we too would have put ourselves in harms way before allowing one of our students to be harmed.

Living in New Jersey, I have never had, (nor would I want), to have the experience of witnessing a tornado.  Seeing how much has been lost and how much will need to be rebuilt seems incomprehensible. The lives lost will never be able to be replaced and I know that those families are mourning right now, but hearing these people on television being interviewed, who were fortunate to have made it through alive, they all say the same thing.  Things can be replaced.  Homes can be rebuilt.  This photograph I saw today says it all:

most important things

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