Mixed Emotions

mixed emotions

This evening I went with my dad, sister and niece to see “The Little Mermaid” at The Papermill Playhouse.  What a great performance!!  All four of us enjoyed it.  The last time I was there, was in April.  I went with my dad and we saw, “Thoroughly Modern Millie”, also a fabulous production.  My dad is a supporter of The Papermilll, and therefore gets tickets to all of the dress rehearsals.  He and my mom always went together.  On the day that we went to see “Millie”, we got to the theater, and the woman, who recognized my dad, had not known that my mom had passed away.  She was saddened to hear the news since my mom had been a familiar face and she absolutely loved going – especially to musicals!!  That alone was emotional, for me, but I am sure even more so for my dad.

It just so happens, that was the night that Francine was rushed to the hospital.  We did not know how serious her condition was, but at intermission and at the end of that show, Tim had been sending us messages, telling us how quickly she was deteriorating.  We left as soon as the play ended, we rushed up to the hospital and wound up staying there with Tim all night and throughout the next day.

This has left me with such mixed emotions tonight.  The play was fabulous, yet all I kept thinking about was mom and Francine.  That last time I was there, the night had started out sad, with remembering mom and ending up tragically with the loss of Francine.  Tonight, I didn’t know quite how to feel… I know that there will be many days like this.  Days where I am experiencing happy and sad emotions all at once.  They will all blend together I am sure, and I know that it is okay to be happy and my mom would have wanted it no other way.  She and Francine would have absolutely loved this show.

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