Still No Answers


I am thinking that my readers are going to get tired of me writing about this, but….

Today I went back to my neurologist.  Last week I had my 2nd MRI last week.  The first MRI was of my brain and was clear.  This one was of my cervical spine and again, came up negative.  Of course this is good news, but now where do we go from here?  After suffering with these daily headaches for just about six months now, I am still at a loss.

My neurologist is increasing my newest medication.  I am hoping that I will be able to take it without drowsiness – or other symptoms that are possible.  I have noticed some reactions to the medication, but I have only been taking it at night so they are not affecting me negatively.  I will have to take it for a few days and see how my body reacts.

I wanted something to show up on that last MRI – nothing terrible of course, just something!!  Something that would give me a direction to go in to start to get rid of them!

I have tried so many medications, so many “tips and tricks”.  The headaches started in January, so they are not stress related because of my mom and Francine.  My diet never changed, (except for the few weeks I went gluten free to see if that would help – it didn’t).    I tried going to a chiropractor for a few weeks, and it felt great while there, but once I left, the headaches came back and often with a vengeance!

I thought perhaps it was something in my classroom or at home that I was reacting to, but there is no rhyme or reason there either.  I get them at school, home – even while we were away this weekend staying in a different place.  I have changed my pillows, used heating pads, ice packs…something eventually has to work doesn’t it???

Again, this is not a plea for sympathy or attention.  I know that many people knew I was headed for another MRI and another visit to the neurologist, so I am just letting them know.  I will keep trying different things until I finally find one that works.

This new medication twice a day could be the key…if not, it will be back to the doctor for a try at something else.  I am not giving up till I find a way for them to stop.  I will be aggressive, more so, than I usually am because it is getting to the point of not being able to function on some days.   That is not me.  I am always going non-stop and I am not going to let them beat me.

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4 thoughts on “Still No Answers

  1. Kristin Panayoutou May 29, 2013 at 7:27 pm Reply

    I’m so sorry you have to go through this!! Have you tried an elimination diet? Perhaps it might not have been gluten but some other culprit.

    I go to an allergist/immunologist for my migraines and LOVE LOVE LOVE him. Dr David Brown in Summit. He might have some input as far as diet or environmental issues go.

    • clairesinclair May 29, 2013 at 7:30 pm Reply

      A few people have told me to try an elimination diet. I think I might have to look into it. How hard was it?? I like this neurologist I am seeing, (so far…) but might take your advice if things don’t change soon. Do you take any medications as well? Please thank Ted for altering his schedule for me so that I could make it to my appointment. I really appreciate it!

  2. dale gianni May 29, 2013 at 10:49 pm Reply

    hey babe…i am so upset knowing u are still not feeling well at all…u know i suffer from the headaches, but for the most part; t.g., fioricet helps me IF i feel that “aura” and catch it fast enough…they had also tried me on beta blockers for awhile (which now i am on because of blood pressure since my accident…..)…but i’m sure u have, but have u had a huge series of all kinds of blood tests?? just asking , cuz something can be remiss with that…when gubby had them , they put him on ….ohhh nooo, i am drawing a blank…but i know u start out with a very low dose and it can be increased to really high amts…eventually it helped him and is no longer on it..i’ll think of the meds soon, i hope and will let u know…did u try acupuncture…think u did but can’t remember…i’ll keep my brainless brain thinking…xoxoxoxox

  3. clairesinclair May 30, 2013 at 4:58 am Reply

    Aunt Dale – did a series of blood tests a few weeks ago. Seems to all be good. Yesterday wasn’t a bad headache day. I get those a lot, where I have a headache, but it is just “there”. Totally manageable. I had four really bad ones in a row which were tough to deal with but I will see how today goes. I am trying my “double dose” of meds today – hopefully I will function fine in school. I already told my school nurse to keep an on me!!
    I am sure we will figure it out. Topomax and Fioricet have been discussed too. I guess they want to try this one first. I will let you know how it goes. Right this minute – I am headache free, but that is usually how it goes after a good night sleep. My mornings are usually pretty good.
    Love you – thanks for checking in.

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