Just Say No!

saying no

I love taking things on!!  I am on a few leadership committees at the school that I work, (more than a few actually), but I enjoy all of them.  I also run several fundraisers throughout the year and I truly find pleasure in doing them.  I find them so rewarding.

Recently I was asked to be the chair of another committee at work.  It is one that I am looking forward to doing because it is spreading pride in our work as teachers. Some friends, family and coworkers of mine don’t think I should be taking on more work for myself while I am still trying to figure out these headaches.  They feel that I am over extending myself, and taking on way too much.  This committee is very important to me though and I am sticking with it.

Honestly, I do enjoy doing all of these things that I take on, but there are times that I feel pressured to get it all done.  It is pressure that I put on myself though because I am always thinking about all of the things that I should be doing, or that others might be expecting me to do .  I am passionate about what I do and always try to put every ounce of effort into it, which sometimes leads me to slack elsewhere…home, sadly is one of those places.

Tonight I went out with two good friends to celebrate one of their birthdays.  I told them about the new committee and how important it was to me and they both told me that I had to stop taking on more and more!!  They were pretty adamant telling me that I need to figure out my health issues with the headaches and focus on me before doing more for others.  This committee that I just agreed to head, is something that I can do a lot of delegating so I am going to do it.  I explained it to them and promised that I would hand out jobs and responsibilities to others and not try to do it all myself.

I sheepishly then told them about another committee I was asked to be a part of.  The two of them made me promise to put this one off.  They made me say out loud that it is okay to say, “no” once in awhile.  I laughed because my mom was that person that NEVER said, “no”!  She was on so many committees and had so many responsibilities and my dad was always telling her to slow down!  She was probably looking over me laughing at this conversation we were having knowing that she had it so many times herself!

So for now, I have agreed that it is okay to say no.  I think it is better to say no to this last commitment I was about to make so that I do not regret it later, or have to give up half way through because I know that my health and my family need to come first.

What I need to do is to make goals and set time for myself and ensure that I am meeting my own needs in order to be complete and thorough with all of the other things that I have already committed to.  When I commit myself to something, I give it my all.  I am grateful to my friends and my family who are helping me to see this path.  They are making me realize that it is okay to say no and make myself one of my biggest priorities.


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2 thoughts on “Just Say No!

  1. dale gianni May 30, 2013 at 11:26 pm Reply

    good girl, proud of u…i’m also learning the meaning of saying “no” and am trying to practice it….i think in time, we will both get better at it….some things are just better when u say yes; but u have to think them thru thoroughly..in the meantime , definitely take care of u first..love u xoxoxo

    • clairesinclair May 31, 2013 at 4:56 am Reply

      Exactly! We are all the same Aunt Dale!! I feel badly about turning some things down, but I am already beyond my limits with time! As the kids get older – and homework gets crazier, I need to spend more time here than at meetings for other things. It will all work out.

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