I don’t really have a phobia of bugs, but the cicada outbreak that I have been hearing about is making me a little leery…

I have been hearing that we could have thousands of them in our area!  After 17 years without them, I must admit…I have not missed them.  I remember the noise and them being everywhere the last time they came to visit!  Luckily, I have not seen any of them as of yet, but today, my students, (at least seven of them) brought me cicada shells that we have added to our Science Center. The big plate full of shells, now being housed in my classroom is making me hope that I don’t see a live one!  The shells alone are so creepy looking.

I have not even heard them yet, though I know that they can get very loud!  Even just across town, I know that they are appearing, but I am crossing my fingers that they stay over there!  I know that they are harmless.  I know that they are here for a very short time but I still would rather not come in contact with one.

Some followers of Feng Shui believe that they are symbols of immortality.  I tried to do some research to see if they were symbols of good luck but found NOTHING that claimed that.  Maybe if I thought that there was a good story behind the cicada that would make me want to like them, I would be more accepting of them.  Nope.  I found nothing!

Then today, I came home and found a ladybug in my kitchen.  Completely on the contrary to the cicada, this is one insect that I love finding.  I have always heard that ladybugs bring good luck.  Future luck in love, or a financial windfall are just a few of the things that I have heard ladybugs can bring.  Obviously I know that it is all just myths and stories, but I have written numerous times how I love to find “signs” and “symbolism” in things.  I know that a ladybug is really just a kind of beetle.  When I think about it, I would not go out of my way to pick up a beetle; yet, I have no problem holding a ladybug and I usually give them a little extra care.   I took this one outside and let it go and made a wish as I let it go.

Now that I think about it, maybe my wish should have been to keep the cicadas away!!


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