When all else fails…


Tonight I am meeting with my coaching group friends.  It has been several weeks since we met due to family commitments, which is ironic since tonight’s theme will touch upon stresses of family.

Instead of meeting at our usual place at our usual time, we decided to do an evening meeting at the home of one of the women in our group.  We decided to that we’d have some wine and appetizers just to change things up.  I decided to make something to bring along.  I love to create fun, tasty, (usually fattening), appetizers to bring to get togethers!  The hot dip types are my favorites.  So tonight, I had ground beef and sour cream in my refrigerator and refried beans, salsa and some other “fiesta” items in my pantry, so I thought I would throw together a “Mexican style dip”.  I cooked up the ground beef, onions and garlic and it smelled yummy already!!  I though in the refried beans and it began to all come together!  Now for the salsa!!  I tossed in a jar and stirred.  It smelled a little different, but I did not think much about it….at first.  I thought, “with all of these yummy ingredients, how bad could it be”?  I let it simmer for a short time.  I decided to do a taste test before layering it with cheese and baking it for awhile.   I took a bite and actually had to spit it out!!!  Ugh!  I did not realize it was MANGO salsa!!!  Let’s just say, mango and refried beans DO NOT mix well!!!

I am usually a pretty good cook.  I can pick the right things to go together and it usually comes out pretty tasty!  This one, sadly, (and I hate wasting food), had to go into the trash.  The sour, curdled taste just wasn’t something that was going to appeal to anyone!!

So now, I am off to my meeting with a bottle of red wine from the wine rack instead.  Regardless of what we eat or drink, it will just be nice to get together with them again and back on track.


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