Advice from Kindergarteners


Once a year, our school holds an orientation for incoming Kindergarteners.  We ask our present students to give us their advice for the new students and we pass it along to the new parents.  Tomorrow is Kindergarten Orientation so here is the advice we gathered today.  Actually, some of it can pertain to a lot more than Kindergarteners!

Advice to The Incoming Kindergarten Class

1.     Always listen to your teacher

2.     Always remember sneakers for PE

3.     Remember your birthday

4.     Say “good game” after you play a game

5.     Practice your word wall words

6.     If you do the right thing, nothing else matters!

7.     Don’t copy your friends.  Their answer might be wrong!

8.     Use your noodle

9.     One person at a time in the bathroom

10.Use the bathroom for bathroom things

11.Don’t take off your shoes – there could be a fire drill!

12.Push in your chair.

13.“Boo Boo” is baby talk – say “cut” or “scrape”

14.You don’t have to love it, you just have to try it

15.Manners matter!

16.Remember, would you do that if your mom were here?

17.Don’t’ worry if you can’t read…you have until 2nd grade!

18.School is fun

19.Hold scissors with the cutter part

20.No means no!

21.When the teacher says to do something, DO IT!

22.Fun is good, carried away is bad!

23.If a friend doesn’t answer, talk to someone else

24.Treat other people the way you want to be treated

25.Don’t throw snacks in the air…just eat them.

26.Jumping down the stairs is a bad idea, you might get hurt

27.A and I aren’t just letters, they’re words!

28.Don’t make swords out of markers.

29.Only tattle if it’s, “fire, flood or blood!”

30.Kindergarten is really fun!



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