Headache Free – will it last?


Today was one of the first days that I was headache free all day, (well mostly all day), a few twinges here and there, but honestly, after the whoppers of headaches I have been having, I felt like a different person today.  I was able to focus completely all day without the distraction of these headaches.  I haven’t been able to give my full effort in kickboxing, though I have continued to go, but tonight, I did all of it.  I forgot how good I could actually feel – that is how long it has been.  This whole weekend I just spent with my roommates, was an enormous amount of fun, but throughout it all, I had a headache.  They were of various degrees of pain, but the entire time it was there.  It made me feel like I wasn’t able to enjoy the time spent with them as much as possible, and it completely frustrated me.  They knew – and were completely sympathetic about it, (as is everyone I know).  Lots of tips and advice and come from everywhere and I appreciate all of it.

Perhaps today is a fluke…or…perhaps it is a new beginning to my old way of life.  Maybe tomorrow, I will go back to having a headache, but knowing how good I feel today, is going to make me put more of an effort in figuring out what is wrong.  The stress and exhaustion that has come from them has really put a damper on my life.  It has even made me a bit depressed and today made me snap out of my slump and feel energized!  I am hoping for a lot more days like today and getting back to my old self!

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