Mucking it Up With Friends

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Today, was an amazing day.  A day spent with coworkers, all teachers, (and a few parents from our school)… “Mucking it up” at “The Muck Fest”.

For once, instead of being teachers, we were able to act like the kids!  We got to run, crawl, swim, walk and play in the sticky, gooey, smelly mud, and when it was over, we got to wash off in the middle of the road with ice cold hoses, splashing each other!!   This is my third mud run and they are ADDICTING!!   For some of us, running in a mud race might have be one of the most physically demanding things that we have ever done.  For some of the other girls though, maybe not, since they have run marathons and done the Tough Mudder.  Yet still, we stuck together, sometimes in pairs, sometimes in groups, but we all made it through and finished.  None of us did this to win.  We did it just to prove that we could!  We even got one of our friends to overcome, (even if just for today), her fear of cicadas…which were EVERYWHERE as we ran through the reservations.

Some of the obstacles were fairly easy and some were really tough – but we did all of them!!  There is always an option to run around it if it is too hard.  There is also the option to take the short cut, which makes the race a 5k rather than a 5 mile.  The majority of us stuck to the five mile race.  We worked together when we could.  When one of our teammates got stuck in the mud, (usually me),  we pulled each other out. When one of us had a hard time climbing over something, we gave her a push or pull.   At the high obstacles, we encouraged and cheered until we got through it.  Sometimes, we had to just stop and laugh and snap a photo with a waterproof camera!

There were definitely a few obstacles that made me apprehensive, but with this amazing team behind me, and all of us cheering each other on, it turned more into excitement than nervousness!  We all ended up with cuts and scrapes, some of us bloodier than others, but we did it!  We were rewarded at the end with an ice cold shower, to rinse off the mud…which by the way does NOT get all of it!! (I am sure that I was not the only one who wound up with a ring around the tub after showering at home)!!  We also got a nice lunch at McLoones and sat out on their patio with all of the other runners and just reveled in the beauty of the day and the fact that we did it!  We all tried to decide when the next race would be!  The best part of all, was that in the end, we all raised money for National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

It was truly an amazing day spent with friends laughing and having fun.  It was a good reminder to let loose sometimes and not take myself so seriously.  In the end, I am sure that that makes me a better person.

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