Girls Night Out


Twice a year, my town holds a “Girls Night Out”, where the shops in the village stay open late and offer sales, restaurants have specials and friends meet up to shop, eat and mingle.  Tonight, was one of those nights.  A group of my friends had planned to get together and meet at one of the local restaurants.  The town was bursting with ladies this evening.  I am sure that the beautiful weather encouraged even more women to come out.  The group of women that I spent time with this evening included some that I know well, and others that I just met.  Sometimes those are my favorite types of nights out.  Mingling with different groups of people and finding similarities and links that could eventually form new friendships.

I have always loved my town.  I have lived here for almost my entire life.  Events like these, where so many people are out and about, and everyone knows each other, are one of my favorite parts of living here.  Just walking from the restaurant to my car, I stopped five times to talk to different people that I knew.  It makes me think of that old television show, CHEERS, “where everybody knows your name”.  It gives me such a sense of contentment.

It was so nice to see people out together, talking face to face and actually holding conversations.  In a world of social media, where texting, email and Facebook are so prevalent, it was great to see people, not hiding behind their phones, but actually having conversations with one another and enjoying it!  I admit that I am one of those people who always has my phone out.  I even used it tonight – but it was to show photos to the women I was with.  I did not even realize until I was walking to my car, that I had not heard from my husband, kids, dad… or anyone the entire time I was there…and I didn’t even miss it.

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