Nature’s Splendor


I sometimes find myself mesmerized by nature!  Last night’s “super moon” was one of those times.  It seems corny – I am not really a spiritual person, but I really do find calmness and serenity in the beauty of it.  I do not meditate, but perhaps I should!!   Raindrops on a petal of a flower, an up close look at the intricacy of a bug, the brilliant colors of a rainbow, an incredible red sun during a summer sunset… they all captivate me and I find myself transfixed with their splendor.  I have never doubted the existence of God – (and this is not a blog to stir up controversy or a debate about God),  but these wonders always reassure me that there must be something ethereal or heavenly to bring me such peace.

Today I decided that I am not going to just write, but to share some photos that help to explain the immensity of it all…

storm bears IMG_8621e IMG_3971 IMG_3847e IMG_3838e IMG_3202e IMG_1706 IMG_1836e IMG_1055IMG_8710e

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