Today’s Ruling…What do you think?

 equal rights

At the end of March, I wrote about equality

I had just one comment directly on my blog regarding my post and it was from a cousin of mine who is a Mormon.  It was funny because we both posted on Facebook at the same time, but had very opposing thoughts about it.

Last night, her husband, also a Mormon, posted a really interesting blog and with his permission, I am posting it today. With the decision made today regarding DOMA and Prop 8, I feel that it is the perfect time to share it.  It is long, but it is thought provoking and well worth the read.  My favorite part, which is why I feel it is so appropriate to share on my kindness blog, is the words to one of his favorite church songs,  I’ll Walk With You.  Whether you agree or disagree with his words, the words of this song should be the mantra for everyone.

 If you don’t walk as most people do, Some people walk away from you, But I won’t! I won’t!

If you don’t talk as most people do, Some people talk and laugh at you, But I won’t! I won’t!

I’ll walk with you. I’ll talk with you. That’s how I’ll show my love for you.

Ben is my first, “guest blogger” and he and I are both looking forward to reading what kind of feedback we get from it. Read it and tell us what you think…

5 thoughts on “Today’s Ruling…What do you think?

  1. Rachel June 28, 2013 at 2:35 am Reply

    I find that little blue saying above trite and inaccurate. You can disagree with issues or people and not be prejudiece or hateful toward them.

    • clairesinclair July 3, 2013 at 5:28 am Reply

      Thank you Gina. I really liked that song too and thought that it fit right into this perfectly. I also thought that the blue image went along with it. I did not find it to be hateful at all. If I did, I never would have posted it since the whole idea of this blog is about kindness, love and just being good people.

  2. Professions for PEACE July 2, 2013 at 11:26 pm Reply

    Your cousin is a wonderfully talented writer and I read the whole thing! Thank you for this open-minded post, and for sharing the lyrics to that sweet song. I like the image you selected to go with this post. It doesn’t take away from our own lives to support others to live the way they want if no one else is hurt in the process. I am not gay but I have gay friends and relatives, and I look forward to a day when a person’s sexual orientation will be a non-issue, like whether or not a person is left- or right-handed.
    Your image reminds me of a poster I saw that said ‘Claiming someone else’s marriage is against your religion is like being angry at someone for eating a doughnut because you’re on a diet.’
    Great post!
    Cheers, Gina

  3. Marilee July 29, 2013 at 5:04 am Reply

    Thanks for the link to the post. Ben is a friend of mine and I appreciated his posting as a straight, left leaning, practicing LDS woman who agrees with marriage rights for all.

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