Advice from a tree

advice from a tree

I find so many inspirational quotes on the internet.  As I thought about what to write about today, this one came to mind and I realized that over this year, while writing my blog, I have touched upon many of these ideas already.  My blog has really inspired me to try new things and look at things with a different perspective!  So here are just some of the ways I have followed the “Advice from a tree”.

Stand tall and proud – I only began writing this blog in January.  It was my New Year’s Resolution.  I vowed to write everyday and so far, I have done it!  A few weeks ago I got to 20,000 hits!  I have amazed myself and it has motivated me to keep on writing!

Sink your roots into the ground – I am not sure if I have written about this yet, (and now that I think about it, it would really make a good blog),  but I laughed when I read this one because of how incredibly sunk into the ground I am!  I live in the town I grew up in, I teach Kindergarten in the same classroom that I was in when I was in Kindergarten myself and my entire family still lives locally.  I don’t know if my roots could get much deeper!

Be content with your natural beauty – This was the hardest blog I wrote so far.  I still cannot believe that I had the courage to actually post it.  I still struggle with my looks and my flaws and writing about it and seeing how other people saw me was truly eye opening.

Go out on a limb – I was never an athlete growing up, (and although I would still not really give myself that title even now), a few years ago, I would have never imagined that I’d be kickboxing, running 5ks’ and doing mud runs…but I am!!!

Drink plenty of water – Well, I have not written directly about this but… I did write about letting down your burdens and relaxing in

Remember your roots – I did not even bother to link to the all of the posts I have written about my roots because the majority of the posts I write talk about family and there are very few roots that are as strong as family ties.  If I were to link to all of them, the list would go on and on…

Enjoy the view – This is a perfect way to end today’s blog because I hope that I have inspired my readers to in fact, “enjoy the view”.  I hope that they look forward to reading what I have to say and that my words give them insight, or enlighten them when they read them.

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