A New Blogger…


A friend of mine asked me for some help today.  She has decided to start a blog.  I went to her house and we sat down together to get her started.  We used wordpress.com to begin it because that is what I use so I am familiar with it.  I love checking my “stats” and seeing how many people have read it.   My youngest son always is amazed to see where my readers are located while at the same time, I wonder why someone across the world would be interested in what I have written, but it makes me so happy that they are!

Before I began blogging, I don’t think that I even understood exactly what “blogging” was.  I made sure my friend knew this and told her that I have been learning as I go along… and what a learning process it has been for me!!  I find it amusing that I have “followers”, not just people who read my blogs via Facebook and Twitter, but people who actually get alerts when I post something new.  I have also begun to follow other bloggers and I look forward to reading their blogs each time they post something new.  It has opened a whole new world.

Now that I am getting more familiar with the “blogosphere”, I am realizing just how much is out there to read.  There is really no way for me to keep up without it becoming a full time job!  I told my friend this and we talked about having a catchy title for it so that she will generate readers.  I am not going to spoil it for her here by revealing her title, but I love what she chose and I cannot wait for her to write her first blog so that I can share it with my readers too!

Stay tuned….I am sure that I will be sharing her with you soon!

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