Happy Birthday Mom

happy birthday mom

Today would have been my mom’s 68th birthday.  I am sure that we would have been celebrating together with dinner and cake had she still been here with us.  So tonight we are going up to my aunt and uncle’s home so that we can  all be together to celebrate her.

I recently came across the prayer card that was given out at her wake.  Drew carries it in his back pocket at his baseball games.  I don’t think I ever took the time to actually read all of the words but it says,

As I sit in Heaven and watch you everyday,

I try to let you know with signs that I never went away.

I hear you when you’re laughing,

And watch you as you sleep,

I even place my arms around you

To calm you when you weep.

I see you wish the days away,

Begging to have me home,

So I try to send you signs

So you know you’re not alone.

Don’t feel guilty that you have life that was denied to me,

Heaven is truly beautiful

Just you wait and see.

So live life, laugh again, enjoy your self be free.

Then know with every breath you take,

You’ll be taking one for me.

We are all seeing signs of mom everywhere, from the pennies we find on the ground, to the yellow butterflies that keep soaring above our heads this summer.  Wherever we go, there are reminders of her.  I miss her everyday, but the last two lines of the poem give me comfort.  Knowing how much trouble she had breathing on her own due to her COPD, I am confident that she is breathing freely now, enjoying the fragrance of heaven.  I am sure that she is with us and watching over us every day.

Happy Birthday Mom.  I love you.  I miss you.  I think of you everyday!


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