The Dirty Dogs

play ball

I have written how baseball is the main theme of our summers.  I should have written that this also includes softball.

Twenty-six years ago, in 1988, a bunch of high school boys decided to form a softball league and join the South Orange Adult Softball League.  They called themselves the Dirty Dogs.  Although only a few of the original Dogs still remain, (my husband Dave is one of them), many other players joined and have never left throughout the years.   The players on the current team span three decades with the youngest players in their thirties and the oldest in his fifties.  Five sets of brothers have played on the team over the quarter century that the team has been in existence.  Dave looks forward to the games each week and does everything he can to make sure that he doesn’t miss one.  We even arrange the kids’ schedules so that he can make sure that he gets to each game.  He is quite dedicated to the team.

Over the years, the team has had some injuries that have sidelined them at times: broken fingers, a broken nose, a broken ankle, a few broken wrists,  some stitches and a torn rotator cuff.  They have slowed down a bit over the years and have more aches and pains than they did when they were younger, but this doesn’t stop the Dogs. They still come out ready to play.  Every Sunday night during the season they are out on the field with the hopes of a win!

In all the years they have been playing, they have only won the championship once but they still don’t give up.  It is a great tradition and each week it brings back the “boys” that grew up here in town and gives them a chance to get back out onto the field and play ball.

As of now, there are over two dozen children born to “Dog Alumni”.  The oldest one is now 16 years old, so talks of a new generation of Dogs being groomed have begun!

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