The Royal Family

fairy tale

Although I wasn’t counting down the days, nor did I even know the exact date that the royal baby was due, I did get a little caught up in the hype of his birth.  I felt the same way about The Royal Wedding.  I did not buy the tabloid magazines, but I read them while getting a pedicure, or flipped through them while waiting in line at the grocery store.  I did watch some of the coverage on the news the day of Will and Kate’s wedding.  I heard the news of the baby’s birth a few hours after it actually happened.  I was not perched on the couch watching for the moment it was announced, but still….I was curious.  I was intrigued.  I am not sure where the fascination I have with The Royal Family comes from.  Perhaps it is the “fairy tale life” it seems they have.  Perhaps, it is the first actual “reality show” I can remember.  I have been following their story on television and in the media since the wedding of Charles and Diana.

Growing up, I loved fairy tales.  So many little girls grow up dreaming of being a princess.  I can remember always wanting to be Cinderella – my favorite of all the fairy tale princesses.  I read it over and over again.  I envisioned myself in a beautiful white gown with glass slippers marrying my Prince Charming when I grew up.

Perhaps it is the obsession and fascination so many people have over Will and Kate.  They seem to have such a positive impact on others and are proving to be good role models for our society.  I am aware that part of their “job description” is good will towards others and I admit that I do like hearing about the charitable deeds they do.  Despite the prestige and the glamor and living in the spot light at all times, they seem to always portray themselves in a favorable light with what seem to be sincere morals.

I did wind up marrying my Prince Charming.  We are not living in a castle, nor do we have wealth and riches raining down upon us, but we are happy.  We love each other.  We are as charitable as we are able to be.  We instill good morals within our own children trying to raise them to be upstanding young men.  Their births, were so thoroughly “normal,”  yet, they were completely fascinating to us and to our families.  At the end of the day though, we really are all just “normal” and the birth of the royal baby will provide Will and Kate the chance to experience what so many parents have already been through.  This new prince will be in the spot light for the rest of his life and he will give society the chance to relive the wonder and joy of being a new parent.

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