Second-hand Bargains

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There is an award winning song out now by the hip-hop duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis called, “Thrift Shop”.  It boasts about the finds you can get when shopping in a thrift shop.  When we were growing up, there seemed to be a stigma about shopping in second hand stores.  Now it seems more “trendy,” perhaps even a bit “chic”.  I think of it as recycling, so that less items will wind up in landfills, but what I love most about second-hand shopping is the thrill of getting a great deal on that perfect item!!  When I shop second-hand, I can find items that are unique and different from what everyone else is wearing.  Don’t get me wrong, you will still find me shopping in department stores – but I will still go right to the clearance rack.  I love a bargain and I find such pleasure in getting a great deal!  I never know what I am going to find and I seriously get a charge out of finding a “name brand” for a great price.

At first, I began going to second-hand stores to find higher quality times for less money so that I could be a little more frugal during a tough time for us financially.  In our town there are a few high-end second hand stores.  A few times a year, they run big clearance sales and the deals are even better.  Today started a 75% sale at one and a 50% sale at another.  Fortunately they are next to each other so it is like one stop shopping, (plus I feel good about shopping locally).   The stores are clean and organized, they have dressing rooms and mirrors so I can try things on before taking them home without knowing if they’ll fit.  Second-hand stores can be hit or miss.  There are times where I come out completely empty handed, while other days, (like today), I totally score!  Sometimes I go in with a specific item in mind, and other times I’ll go in to browse and hope to get lucky.  Lately, not only do I go there to save money, but I look forward to the big end of season sales they hold.  When I get the email or postcards announcing the start, I even mark the date on my calendar.  Some of the clothing I get from there are the ones that I get the most compliments on!

These two stores seem to sell clothing of higher quality, made by real name designers. because most of the time I leave there with stylish, well known, name brand items.  My greatest snag happened last Winter.  It was a brand new pair of never worn jeans, (the original department store tags were still on) and they were in my size!!  The department store tags on them were marked at $250.  I would NEVER splurge on something like that but since I was at a second-hand store, during their 50% off sale, I wound up paying $20 for them.  With a $7  trip to the tailor to have them shortened, I got a terrific deal and the jeans are perfect!

Today, I went to the “Summer Clearance Sales” they were holding.  Another jackpot day.  I wound up with a $4 Ralph Lauren sweater, 2 skirts, a sundress, 2 tops and a pair of shorts for less than $50.  I feel good about shopping locally, better because I am buying second hand, but best about the deals I got.  That stigma of buying second-hand is gone for me.  I am not ashamed to tell people where I get the clothing from, in fact, I encourage them to go there and buy too.


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One thought on “Second-hand Bargains

  1. thenakedtruth2 July 24, 2013 at 5:41 pm Reply

    Looking for that special find is part of the allure of the thrift experience. A pair of Levi’s perhaps, with the ‘new’ tags still on them, right size and all, ‘yes!’ It used to be, as you said, that buying from a second hand store was merely to replace ther rags, but now, it is pure common sense.

    Anyway, along the lines of your ‘trash’ comment, you may appreciate ‘the life of a hobo’ on my page.
    All the best

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