Season Ends, Summer Begins!

never let the fear strike

Drew’s little league team made it to the playoffs and won their first game on Monday so the boys came in to tonight’s game with high spirits, but sadly those spirits dwindled as they were quickly down by three runs at the end of the first inning.  The game continued to go down hill and the boys lost, ending their great season.   Drew’s lucky bat did not give him as much luck as he had hoped it would, but he learned so much this season and we saw improvement on the field with each game that he played.  He had amazing and supportive coaches who gave the boys the preparation and guidance that they all needed to become such a cohesive and cooperative team.

Drew had blast playing on this Cougar team.  With so many afternoons and evenings spent on the ball field, he made some new friends and so did we.  We are all disappointed that it is over, but also looking forward to a quieter, more relaxed summer ahead.  With less rushed evenings and more relaxed weekends, we can focus on enjoying the rest of the summer doing “a lot of nothing!”  Some idleness perhaps will not be too bad and I am hoping we take advantage of it since Fall ball is only a month away!

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