Game Night

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With video games, smart phones, on-demand movies and all the new technology out there, I cannot remember the last time Dave and I sat down with the kids for “Family Game Night.”  During the school year, our nights are filled with homework, sports and late night meetings.  Weekends are spent trying to catch up on everything we didn’t get to during the week.  Life just seems to take over.  Fortunately, in the summer, things slow down a bit.

Tonight, during dinner, Drew asked us if we wanted to play a game when we were done eating.  Surprisingly, all four of us agreed, although deciding on what game we would play was a challenge. Since it was Drew’s idea, we went with his choice, The Game of LIFE.  We have had the game for awhile, it was thrown in the back of the game closet, but we had never sat down and played it all together.  Dave and I remembered playing it when we were kids and we laughed over the differences in the game board from then and now.

I don’t remember the last time the four of us spent nearly two hours, just sitting around the coffee table in the living room having so much fun.  We were laughing, joking and just having a great time.  What a great family memory of our summer so far.  It was a great opportunity for us to interact with the boys and even to talk about their future.  They joked about the paths they were taking in their “lives” during the game: education, families, careers…. It gave me a lot of insight of where they might be headed in their real lives as they grow up, and even opened some pathways for discussions.  I know that Drew is very interested in making “LOTS OF MONEY”, in his words and DJ is happy just being content and stable in his career.  It is funny how much this matches their personalities -DJ my mellow kid and Drew my adventurous, action packed kid!

Family Game Night helped our family unwind tonight.  It gave us a chance to bond and enjoy each others company without any interruptions.  It really was a perfect ending for our day.

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