Friends and Coworkers

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I consider myself very fortunate because I get to work with some of my best friends.  Granted, I would not know them if we did not work together because our paths would not have ever crossed, but fortunately, our paths did meet and I consider myself lucky to have met these amazing people who make me look forward to getting up and going to work each day.  Our entire staff is warm, welcoming and wonderful to work with, but our Team Kindergarten is unique.  I don’t know how they were able to put so many of us together and get us to all like each other as much as we do!  Everyday, we meet before school to say hello and we eat lunch together daily during the school year.  For me, it is one of my favorite parts of the day.

Despite our age differences, (we span four decades.) as coworkers, we have the advantage of familiarity.  Kindergarten and school always gives us something to talk about.  We compare stories, ideas and thoughts about school.  We share ideas all of the time.  None of us try to outdo the others and when we have a great idea, we pass it along.  If something feels like it is not going well we go to each other for support.  When I think about all of the hours that are spent at work, we probably spend as much time there, as we do at home with our families.

As teachers, no matter how much we love our job and our students, it is always nice to have a break in the summer.  For me the worst part about summer, is not seeing my coworkers each day.  In the summer, when we are off from school, we try to find time to get together.  Tonight was one of those times.  We met for dinner and there was non-stop chatter and laughter as we tried to catch up on what we had missed over the last few weeks.  In a few  weeks, a few of us will be off for an overnight trip together.  We enjoy each others company, we know each others families, we take the time and make the effort to spend time with each other and despite crazy family commitments and schedules, we make it work and it is definitely worth it!

In just a few weeks, we will be back to school, getting our classrooms ready for our newest batch of students.  Until then, we will try to find the time to grab a few moments together.

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