The Lemonade Stand


Last week, Drew asked me if he could have a lemonade stand.  At the time, we didn’t have the ingredients to make any lemonade, so I told him that I’d pick them up after work and he could have one on Thursday.  He was excited.  He made a sign, decided on what to sell and how much to sell it for.  He was all set.  Thursday morning, we woke up to pouring rain that lasted all day.  No hope for any sales that day, so  I promised that we would do it this week.

He has been reminiscing about the lemonade stand we had last summer. He and my niece and nephew sat outside in the front of our house shouting, “Lemonade sale! 50 cents for lemonade” as loudly as they could.  It definitely drew the attention of people driving by our neighborhood.  A few police officers even stopped by in their patrol cars to buy a cup, but Drew offered it for free to police and told them to send more officers to get some!  The kids sat and talked about what they were going to buy with all of the money they made from the sales.   I just sat and watched from the front steps as they got more and more excited with each car or person who stopped to buy a cup.  We went through a few pitchers that afternoon.

I love the idea of a lemonade stand.  It seems so “old school” and creates so many happy memories of summer. I can’t resist stopping by whenever I see one to support the kids running them.  I don’t even always drink it, I just have to support the kids!  Maybe it is the teacher in me, but watching the kids make change, handle money and figure out how much I owe them is great to see.  For the kids, it makes them feel grown up, but for me there are not many things more innocent or wholesome.  It is very “Norman Rockwellish” and that is one of the things I love so much about where I live.  I  remember when I was a kid and my brothers, sister and I wanted to have lemonade stands on our street.  My mom never said no, but she knew that our sales would be minimal!  We lived on a very quiet street.  One of those roads that get no traffic unless you live on it.  I think she tried to discourage us, not because of the mess we made whipping up a batch of “Country Time”, but because she knew how disappointed we would be when we only sold a glass or two, (and one of them was probably sold to our dad).

This afternoon, a few of my former students, (who are also neighbors of mine), held their own lemonade stand.  I took the boys and Emmy Lou for a walk to get ourselves a treat.  Homemade brownies and lemonade!!  Only a dollar spent, but two happy kids of my own, three happy children selling the treats and two happy moms who got to see the pleasure on all of their faces.  It was well worth it!!

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