Interpret my dream!

cinderella dream

I have always loved this song from Cinderella, but I surely hope that is not what my heart is wishing for because last night I had the strangest dream and it surely is not something I am wishing for!

I don’t know how to interpret dreams.  I don’t even remember them most of the time.  This one is making me crazy trying to figure it out.  Most of the time, I can at least figure out part of it, or can understand why certain people were in it….but this one has me stumped.  I have googled but it is so involved, it is almost impossible to get a real answer.  Even the key words that I wrote don’t fit in with the dream, so I will leave it for my readers to help me interpret.  I also don’t want to forget this one since it was so interesting, so by writing it down, I will never forget!

I was with Dave saying goodbye.  For some reason, I was being sent away.  I was not dying. I was being sent somewhere that I would never be able to see anyone I knew or loved anymore.  I was being sent completely away from civilization.  I was going to be alone.  I was being put in a very strange elevator.  It was in a sewer by a gutter right in front of my old middle school, (I graduated from there in 1984 – but my son Drew will be going there in September.) The elevator could hold only one person.  It was made of rusty, old metal and had those doors that are similar to grates and I could see through them as the elevator went down.  I was looking up at Dave as I was lowered into the elevator and he was just standing there crying, completely distraught.  I was crying and so scared because I had no idea where I was going. 

I needed to stop at a doctor’s office to be checked out before I went to wherever it was that I was going.  I arrived at the doctor’s office.  I had never seen this room before.  It was very elaborate.  Everything was made of red velvet; the carpet, the walls, the sofas, (which were like church pews that stretched across a very long waiting room).  There were hundreds of people waiting there.  I did not have a chance to ask them where they were going.  I only recognized two people there, my cousin Lisa and her two year old daughter Harper but I could not talk to them.  I told the receptionist that I needed to use the bathroom before I went into the see doctor.  She directed me to a line of women who were in an alcove that was also completely decorated in red velvet.  I got on the line for the bathroom and noticed two very large framed photographs hanging on the wall.  They were photographs of fans at a New Jersey Devils Game.  I looked at the photos as I stood there and noticed that one of them was a picture of me with some of my family members….I just cannot remember which of my family were with me in it.  The one next to it was a picture of my brother Tim and my sister Kathi.  They were sitting apart from us in a different part of the arena.  All of us had huge smiles on our faces and we all had our hands in the air like we were cheering!

In the dream I remember that as I was standing there, I was so excited about these photos that I had never seen before.  I could not wait to call my dad and my siblings to tell them about them and then I remembered that I was never going to be able to because wherever I was going, I was prohibited to have any contact with them or with anyone else.   I got emotional and started to cry…and then, I woke up.

I told Dave about the dream this morning.  After I mentioned the elevator going down along with the red velvet and the NJ Devils he looked at me and we could only imagine HELL.  I (half) jokingly asked him if he thought it meant I was going there.  He just laughed and told me if I went there, I should save him a seat!

So all of my “dream studying friends”, what is your take on this one?

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