One Step Closer

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Most of you probably know that Dave has been out of work for quite some time.  It has been difficult financially with only one of us working.  He is a great stay at home dad.  He does laundry, is a great cook, he cleans and coaches the kids’ sports teams.   He has tried on and off for years to get a job to no avail.  He was getting discouraged and had been looking into different routes to take in his career.

A few months ago, we decided to refinance our home.  A friend of ours had let us know that she was in the business and she took care of getting that all done.  During the process, she heard about Dave not working and she asked him if he’d be interested in talking to some of the people she worked with.  Dave figured it was worth a try and he went and met with them.  He decided that it sounded interesting and about six weeks ago, he began studying and going into their offices to learn about the job.  He needed to pass a few tests in order to get the licenses that he will need to begin working.  He passed the first one right away.  The second one required a lot more studying and today he took the test and passed!! He has been working very hard to make this happen.  I am so happy for him, and for us.

Dave will now be licensed for his new job as a mortgage loan originator.  That includes financing, refinancing, construction loans and renovation loans.  The job will require him to do a lot of networking because it is primarily a job that works on commission.   I know that will be difficult but we also know that commission is more than he is getting by being out of work so it is all a step in the right direction.

So…the networking can begin here.  If you are in the process of any of these sorts of loans, please let us know.  I am sure that Dave would love to help you in any way that he can.

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