One Night Away

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Today I am heading to Atlantic City with two of my co-workers. They are not only co-workers but also very good friends.  The three of us are leaving until tomorrow night. Not a long trip, but a get away where we plan to just have fun, laugh and be silly without having any responsibilities  – even if it is only for a few hours.  I have a small twinge of guilt, going away and leaving my family behind, but getting away and focusing on nothing but enjoying myself for a day will be a good way to relax and have enjoy the time with friends with nothing getting in the way.  My kids don’t seem to mind at all.  They already have their weekend planned with fun activities to do without me.  I think they are actually looking forward to it. 

This is the time to do it, before school begins and and while we have less time constraints.  These are girls who I love spending time with.  We go out together for dinner or a drink often, but conversation always focuses on school and family and we always have to get home for one reason or another.  This will give us a chance to get away from all of that – even if it is for only 24 hours.  We all love our families, our children, our jobs…but a little grown up time will be a perfect way to regroup, relax, recharge and get out with the title of ladies rather than mommies and teachers.

We leave in a few hours.  It has been so long since I went somewhere like this, I did not even know what to pack!!  I own “teacher clothes”,  workout clothes, very dressy – wedding”ish” clothes, but not much for the “party scene” – which makes me sound sooooo old!!   I tried to piece together a few things but wound up  over packing.  It is only ONE NIGHT, but it seems like I need to be prepared for wherever or whatever we decide to do!  An outfit for tonight, a bathing suit, something to wear if I decide to go for a run in the morning, something to wear home!!  My duffel bag is stuffed.

I am ready for a day that might include staying up late, maybe some wine, perhaps even some gambling…we will be in Atlantic City after all,  no alarm clock or needy kids waking us up at the crack of dawn, a leisurely breakfast with someone waiting on me!    It sounds almost blissful!


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2 thoughts on “One Night Away

  1. Karen Thomas August 16, 2013 at 9:02 am Reply

    Have a great time!!!

  2. clairesinclair August 16, 2013 at 9:04 am Reply

    Thanks Karen!

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